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Wood-boring Beetle
These wood-destroying insects can damage wood in many different ways.With time, they will extremely reduce the strength of the infected wood. Often the infestations can´t be seen, because the main damage is caused inside the timber for a multiple years. After that, the adult beetle emerges through an exit hole.

The adults lay eggs in the cracks and crevices of wood. When these eggs hatch, larvae bore into the wood, producing tunnels as they feed and pack frass behind them. While adults who have emerged from wood may only live a few days or weeks, the destructive larvae often spend 2 to 5 years boring through wood.Woodwormsare actually the larvae of wood-boring beetles.

Wood-boring beetles which attack harvested wood in structures can damage almost any wood product. These may include wooden pallets, crates, or shipping carts; firewood; and household wooden items such as picture frames, broom handles, bamboo and bamboo products, wicker baskets and furniture, carved wooden art objects, wooden artifacts, decorative driftwood, wooden furniture, and wood paneling. The adults of some species also bore into soft metals, plaster, and plastic.

These animals can cause problems when the adults emerge from timber in new construction or are carried indoors in firewood. Some species may infest wood before and after it is milled, finished and installed.

It´s a fact, that all borer will cause some kind of damage to timber, but there are “good” and “bad” borers.

Damage caused by “good” borers is cheaper to repair than the damage caused by “bad” borers. “Good” borers mainly attack soft timber or decaying wood, the damage can be fixed by filling with putty and a repaint. In contrast to this, “bad” borers attack hardwood and softwood of any age. They cause structural damage that requires complete replacement of the timber. Floor boards and major support beams are often affected.

Signs of a wood-boring beetle infestation are fine sawdust or frass, which may fall from exit holes and create small piles on the floor or surfaces below the wood. Dust or frass reappearing within one to weeks of cleanup indicates an active infestation.Since adult wood-boring beetles emerge within wood, look out for round or oval exit holes in timber, furniture or other wooden products.

Within homes and other buildings thesewood-boring beetles arean exceedingly common pest.


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