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Termites are thought to be the most destructive insects in the world due to the damage they cause to structures resulting in financial loss.

There are over 300 different species of termites in Australia, but the main species that cause damage and problems to properties are:

  • Coptotermes acinaciformis
  • Coptotermes frenchi
  • Mastoternes darwiniensis
  • Cryptotermes spp. (native)
  • ‘West Indian Drywood Termite’ Cryptotermes brevis (introduced)
  • Heterotermes ferox
  • Schedorhinotermes intermedius
  • Natsutitermes fumigatus
  • Natsutitermes walker

Basic castes in a colony are queens, kings, workers, soldiers and alates.

Queen & King – their primary function is to reproduce. A queen and king start as Alates, they fall to the ground, shed their wings and look for the perfect environment to nest. They care for the young until they establish the colony and then others take over the work.

Workers – they make up the largest number in the colony. They do all the work, feeding, grooming, excavation and tunnel production; they in effect are who cause the damage in homes.

Soldiers –  are the defenders of the colony against attack from predators. They have large jaws, sticky fluids or chemical sprays to use as defense mechanisms.

Alates – are winged reproducers that swarm out from the nest when the climate is just right to establish a new colony. Males and females pair up looking for the perfect environment to mate. You may see them on a hot windy evening, as they are more like a glider than a flyer, relying on the wind to carry them.

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