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An extensive Australian Standard (AS 3660.2) deals with protecting homes from termite attack. This standard provides minimum guidelines for homeowners and Timber pest managers on termite control and protection. The Building Code of Australia, which is administered by local government authorities, requires various measures be taken when your home is built.

In the past, persistent pesticides were sprayed underneath slab on ground homes. These have been withdrawn from use, due to community concerns, and replaced with acceptable alternatives.

Applied correctly these alternative termiticides will help protect your home from future attack. There are also termite baiting systems used now.

Termites may still gain entry though, if you don’t take basic steps to help maintain the defences to your home.



In Ground Baiting & Monitoring  – this is a preventative and treatment management plan. Stations are placed around your property within the soil areas, and core drilled into the concrete areas around your property.

Installed strategically and discreetly around the home in the prime foraging areas, the Sentricon station provides a window into the world of the termites. The random and continuous foraging of the termites will be directed to the In-Ground stations.

The stations contain Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods which the termites find more palatable and more attractive than wood. The termites feed on the termiticide rods on mass, tunnel back to the nest all the while unaware that it is detrimental
to their survival.


Above Ground Baiting & Monitoring – this is a preventative management plan. These stations are placed above the ground, normally over an area with active termites.  The bait consumed will not kill the termites immediately, but will allow the termites tiem to return to the nest passing the bait through the colony until the colony implodes and dies.

Chemical Treatments – Chemical is placed in the ground to create a  Chemically Treated Zone, previously described as a ‘Barrier’

We offer 2 different chemicals for these treatments,

Termidor – Fibronyl – non-repellant chemistry. Warranty available.

Biflex – Bifentrhin – repellant chemistry. Warranty available.

Holes are drilled through slabs and paths, or the concrete cut away to treat the ground beneath. Pavers should be lifted, the soil treated and the pavers re-laid.

Some soils such as heavy clays should be removed and replaced with a sandy loam before treatment. Any responsible termite treatment requires follow-up by your pest professional.

Tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians and even telephone technicians installing underground lines can open up access areas for termites. Tree roots growing up to your foundations and new garden beds against the house can also provide access to hungry termites.

Our Termite Treatments come with Manufacturers and Installation Warranties. **

** Some conditions apply – ask your technician for details.

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