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Tight fitting door or hard to open windows – as termite consume the timber, they create mud tubes to move around in, this ‘mudding’ has a high moisture content, which in turn causes timber to swell and difficult to open windows or close doors.

Cracks in cornice or door jams – not all cracks mean termite activity, it can mean that there is movement in the home, but sometimes it can be due to termites eating the timber and destroying the structure causes cracks.

Papery or hollow sounding timber – when termites consume timber, they eat from the inside out leaving only a thin veneer of timber or paint. When you hit, knock or tap, it will sound hollow or like paper due to the timber being completely consumed.

Noise – on occasions, especially if termites have been disturbed, alarm signals are made by the soldiers to warn the colony, and these can be heard. They make the noise by banging their heads on the timber. This can become quite loud, especially at night-time when the house is usually quiet.

Staining of or Ballooning of wall sheeting – this can be due to the mudding containing high moisture, causing the wall sheeting/gyprock too swell and ‘balloon’. You may also have swelling/ballooning wall sheeting due to a water leak, and not related to termite activity, but BEWARE – Termites love moisture and are attracted to a moist environment with timber.

Termite mudding/leads – termites use mud tunnels/tubes to move around in a protective manner. Many times these tunnels will be concealed behind wall sheeting/gyprock or under the ground, but sometimes they can be seen on the external façade of your home, climbing up timber/steel posts, or coming up through a crack or join in concrete flooring.

Termite droppings/frass – which look like small, ridged, wood-colored pellets.

Discarded Wings on ground – After winged termites swarm, their wings shed and can be found in small piles throughout an infested home. These wings resemble fish scales.

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