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Pests in food
Pests, which are commonly found in food, are also known as “Stored Product Insects” or “pantry pests” and cover a large number of different insects including different kinds of moths, beetles and weevils. A variety of stored products can be infested by them, especially foodstuff such as grains, cereals, dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

Whether in private homes or businesses that are in charge of food – these insects are a big health hazard. If stored product insects infest businesses like warehouses, food processing plants, bakeries, restaurants or farms and silos are infested with, they can cause a huge economic loss through damage and contamination of the food products. Any contaminated food is unsuitable for human consumption and need to be destroyed. Any business that is in charge of food can highly benefit from a professional pest management program.

Pantry pests contaminate more food than they consume, they are often discovered when they leave infested foods to crawl or fly about the house. These insects often accumulate in pots, pans or dishes or on window sills. Fortunately, they do not bite or sting people or pets nor do they feed on or damage the house structure or contents.

Signs of a stored product infestation are small beetles in susceptible food products, on counters, in cupboards or around windows. If you find moths flying around in the kitchen or other rooms, that can be another sign.When examining food packages, you may not only find caterpillars but silk webbing inside infested packages. The caterpillars move away from infested food onto walls or ceilings to pupate.

Be careful, as not all small beetles or moths found indoors are necessarily a pantry pest. If there is not a direct association with food, be sure the insects are identified correctly by an expert to determine whether they are a stored product food insect. When you know a stored product problem is present, be sure to examine all susceptible food as there could be more than one infested source.

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