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Latin name: Family Culicidae

There are more than 3,000 mosquito species and about 350 are hosted by Australia.

Mosquitoes have a single pair of wings and typically long, thin legs. Their bodies and wings are often covered in tiny scales. An adult mosquito is between 3 and 9 mm long and can be mistaken for flies easily. Their most common characteristic is their long snout or “nose”, with which the female mosquitoes bite their victims to absorb blood. Compared to mosquitoes, flies are much smaller and most don’t bite. They can also be confused with midges, which are somehow related to them. Midges appear in huge numbers on buildings. Most midges don’t feed on blood, however, some biting midges do exist. You can identify mosquitoes by the presence of scales on their bodies and wings.

Only the adult female mosquito feed in blood, which they need in order to reproduce. But it is hardly known, that both – female and male mosquitoes – also feed on nectar from flowers. Their larvae are usually located in standing water and most feed on organic flotsam and aquatic organisms.

Mosquitoes are most active from dusk til dawn, but they can also be seen on cloudy days or in dark shady places. Due to the fact that they may desiccate in heat, they do not prefer to be active in the sunshine.

Mosquitoes are notorious for spreading diseases such as Dengue fever, Australian encephalitis, Ross River (RR) virus disease and Barmah Forest (BF) virus disease. Having a mosquito infestation close to you and your family is a highly dangerous situation. So the primary goal is to keep homes and families safe from mosquitoes.

Wearing an insect repellent is the first step to prevent bites. Conditions around the house can promote mosquitoes’’ activity all day, enormously limiting the pleasure of your property night and day.Mosquito control begins with eliminating areas of standing water around the property such as flowerpots, birdbaths, grill covers and baby pools. Homeowners should also screen all window and doors, repairing even the smallest hole. As they can become a serious problem, all affected people should consider a customized home mosquito control program for control and prevention.

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