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Annual Termite Inspection

The Australian Standard recommends at least annual inspections. However, more frequent inspections are strongly recommended. Your Timber Pest Specialist will perform these inspections for you.

He will perform a thorough survey of your property, including the garden area and trees where termite nests may be found, and provide you with a full written report detailing the results of his inspection. Appropriate recommendations on treatment and measures you should take to help ensure the security of your home will be outlined.

If you find any evidence of termites, damaged timbers or mud workings, then immediately contact your licensed Termite Specialist.

We do have a range of equipment that can be utilized for various situations to aid in our inspection –


Thermal Imaging Camera:

This ingenious technology literally allows us to ‘see through walls’. We can often see the internal framework and detect areas of damage. And when termite activity is present we can see exactly where the termites are.



If we suspect termite activity in a wall, we can carefully drill a small hole and ‘peak inside’ with a borerscope. It allows us to conduct a thorough inspection without unnecessary damage to your home.



If there is any movement behind your walls, the microwave technology of the Termatrac will pick it up. Another way of allowing us to see behind your walls.


Moisture Meter:

Termites love constant temperature and humid conditions. A moisture metre allows us to detect areas where termites are most likely to be.


Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections

Purchasing a property as an investment or as your first or next family home can be a little concerning when it comes to Termites. Let us take the worry out of the equation.

Our inspections cover Timber Pests, Termites/Borers, wood decay/rot and fungi. We provide you with a photographic written report with all our findings and recommendations.


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